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Filter News April 2011

We Haven't Forgotten About You!

It's been a while between Filter's but that's only because we've been so darn busy. DiGiCo has gone to town and unleashed two new consoles - both of which are absolutely drool worthy. Xilica has been busy adding to its range with a very clever speaker management system, RCF's ART4 has made its way into the desert and Frankfurt is kicking off with a world of new products on show. Need we say more?

DiGiCo Has a Baby!

DiGiCo has just released the SD11 at this year's Pro Light & Sound. The new bub is feature packed... More.

A New Face for Broadcast?

DiGiCo's new SD Ten is feature packed and has the stuff to take broadcasting to new heights... More.

April Brings Such Delights...

Hilton's Iconic Marble Bar Decides on Nexo

One of Australia's most iconic bars is Sydney's Marble Bar. Originally opened in 1893, it was named after its builder George Adams as the George Adams Marble Bar. Funding for the venue was raised from NSW horse racing sweeps which were extremely profitable at the...

Blah Blah Blah! It's Only Nexo, Camco, RCF, Quest & Xilica

Along the banks of the Brisbane River in the heart of the Brisbane CBD, the River Life Adventure Centre set the scene for Brisbane's last party of 2010; the comically named 'BLAH BLAH BLAH Boutique Music Festival'. With four stages, a lineup of both national and international acts...

Cochlear Headquarters Chooses Humantechnik

Cochlear is an internationally acclaimed company that has been providing leading edge hearing technology since 1982. Their vision has been to connect people through a world of sound by offering life-enhancing hearing solutions. As the world leader in listening...

RCF Finds its Way into the Harsh Aussie Desert

The RCF ART 4 series hit Aussie shores in late 2010 and many in the rental business have been keeping a keen eye on the scene to see how it's performing against the already proven and very popular RCF offerings. Feedback thus far has been extremely positive and the 10 year...

Xilica Releases Its Next Generation Neutrino Processor

Neutrino is the next generation of configurable DSP processor for Professional Audio installation applications. The NeuConsole Software bundled with the Neutrino processor includes a library of critically developed DSP modules such as Gain, Delay, Equalizer...

Nexo Subs Add to Surfers Vanity with Calvin Harris

Having a club along Surfers Paradise is a dream for many and a challenge for many more. With thousands of tourists flocking to Surfers year round, running a successful nightclub in one of Australia's most popular cities along the Queensland coast is no small...

Whittlesea Music Festival Finds Joy with DiGiCo & Nexo

For over a decade now, the Whittlesea Township has held the annual Country Music Festival; an event that showcases Australia's biggest and best country performers. The festival has grown steadily over the past ten years however popularity has doubled in recent years now making...

New Guernica Finds Character In Nexo & Camco

One of Melbourne's latest bar additions is New Guernica; a true sensory delight that has an exceptionally unique ambient atmosphere and personality all on its own. Open every night of the week, the bar plays host to trendy crowds after their working days are...

DiGiCo Releases the SD Ten

Frankfurt's ProLight+Sound 2011 will see the unveiling of two new consoles to DiGiCo's acclaimed SD Series. The first is the SD Ten which has once again pushed the boundaries of digital mixing as a console that boasts features and benefits instantly distinguishing...

DiGiCo's New Baby Is Born at Pro Light & Sound 2011

DiGiCo's SD range of digital consoles continues to astonish and delight the professional audio industry. Visitors to ProLight+Sound 2011 will discover that the company has 'done it again' with the SD11 - a console that is the smallest (both in size and price) that...

Catalogues for All

Trying to get organised for the new year? Get yourself a catalogue and get up to date with all the goodies we provide. Solution after solution the 300+ page catalogue is hard bound making it a worthy reference book and an impressive addition to your office coffee table !

Guess Who?

Born in 1942, I am considered one of the true pioneers of funk with a political focus to a lot of my music. I am most famous for a soundtrack I wrote for a 70's blaxploitation movie which has become a classic among fans in its own right.Click here for the answer!

We'd Love To Hear From You!

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