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Filter News November 2010

Things Are Heating Up Already!

It's a good thing too. We've been pretty busy and the extra hours of daylight have allowed us to squeeze a little bit more out of every day. New Camco and RCF toys are now available and Nexo has released some brilliant software to get professionals simulating installations easily. It's all here and another year is just about done already!

RCF ART 4 Series!

The ART 4 Series has arrived and its already proving to be the most popular RCF ART speaker to date... More.

Catalogue Anyone?

As always if you'd like one just send us a line. We have a few left so don't be shy, it's a good read! Click to Order.

Ears Don't Fail Me Now...

The Bird Flies with Nexo & RCF

The William Street Bird Bar opened its doors recently in Perth's bustling Northbridge. The venue is a modest size and is run alongside a recording studio by owner Mike O'Hanlon. With a genuine passion for audio and music, Mike decided the venue required...

Nexo Releases NS-1 Design Software for Audio Professionals

NS-1 is NEXO's new powerful simulation tool that enables NEXO users to configure and optimise the performance of any NEXO system by predicting its behaviour in any venue. An intuitive drag and drop interface includes all NEXO GEO, Alpha, Alpha E and PS Systems...

OPSM Looks to Quest & RCF for Concept Store

Eyewear giant OPSM (Luxottica overseas) recently opened the first of a series of concept stores in Melbourne's Hawthorn. The venue, shaped like a giant eyeball is laden with cameras and touch screens allowing customers to try on sunglasses and take photos of...

Camco Vortex Silver Series Now Available

The evolution of technology, its application and the resulting real world solutions are at the heart of every CAMCO product. With the introduction of CAMCO's new "Silver Series V8" we are once again pushing the boundaries of power, performance, sonic...

The RCF ART 4 Series Is Set to Stun

With a proven history in Professional Audio and European Engineering, RCF has long been the standard for professional loudspeakers. The ART Series has become an industry standard for high quality workhorses and the new ART 4 Series is set to bring...

Summer Catalogues!

To be honest, nothing really makes these a summer item as such, but we figure you could always order a pizza, have a beer and read on to get your audio jollies. We've never been the type to judge. So go on, send us your details and get one, you know you want to... Everyone who gets one loves it.

Guess Who?

Born in 1958, I'm a multi-instrumental artist with several persona's, most including frilled outfits during the 80's. I've produced 10 platinum albums in the past 40 years writing for Chaka Khan, Sinead O'Connor and countless others. A revolutionary, I'm still releasing albums to this day. Click here for the answer!

We'd Love To Hear From You!

If you're working on a major production of any kind and you'd like to be in Filter, or you'd like a story for your own publication; be sure to send us a line. Please include as much detail of the event as possible, the gear in use and plenty of photos! Email Anf by clicking here.

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