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Filter News September 2010

World Firsts for Nexo & DiGiCo at Plasa 2010.

As two companies that focus on sitting on the cutting edge of technology, Nexo and DiGiCo both launched impressive new products just days ago at London's Plasa 2010. Nexo has brought a revolutionary new concept to stage monitoring and DiGiCo have added a pair of impressive new toys to expand connectivity with their consoles. Exciting times, so - on with the news!

Nexo 45N-12 Line Monitor

NEXO's 45N-12 monitor loudspeaker is not just a new product but a radical new concept in stage sound... More

DiGiCo's Little Boxes

DiGiCo's Little Red Box is specifically designed to work with DiGiCo's SD9 digital mixing console and allows you to connect... More

And the Beat Goes On...

Quest Presents Loudspeaker Design 101 at Integrate 2010

Quest presented a 'Speaker Design Fundamentals' seminar on the AT World Stage at Integrate 2010. It was great to see some interested faces watching on as Guillaume Boda (Quest's Product Development Manager) discussed how loudspeakers are designed, measured...

The Bluestone Bar Blends Heritage, Class, Nexo & Quest

'The Bluestone Bar' recently opened its doors in the ever-growing town of Victoria's Ballarat and the club is certainly an aesthetic delight in every respect. The venue, entombed within a vintage bluestone building, has been designed with an air of sophistication and class...

Xilica Goes Up Against the Competition with Stunning Results

Xilica Audio Design has been producing high performance audio DSP systems for several years and have managed to build an international following in a very short amount of time. Based in Canada, Xilica's staff is comprised of dedicated industry professionals who strive to deliver high...

GT Commercial Products Set Trends at Integrate 2010

Integrate 2010 certainly hit all the right notes with the SD9 being an absolute smash as expected. With GT showing off little pocket rocket there were people constantly playing with the unit at the stand. Xilica products were also on show and the feedback was extremely...

The Next Generation of DiGiCo I/O for SD7

To get the most from the best in mixing console technology, you need the finest I/O rack available. So meet the DiGiCo SD Rack, delivering up to 192kHz high resolution analogue I/O converters and multiple digital formats including: MADI, AES, ADAT and Aviom. Based on nine years of digital...

Quest's New QM350i Wooden Chassis Speaker Now Shipping

The QM350i 12" + 1" horn is a multi-purpose passive speaker system designed for professional mobile live sound applications and installations where a mid powered versatile FOH or fold-back monitor is required. The QM350i boasts an exceptionally accurate HF response due...

Nexo Does It Again... The World's First Line Monitor

NEXO's 45N-12 monitor loudspeaker is not just a new product but a radical new concept in stage sound - that of line monitoring. The revolutionary NEXO 45N-12 wedge monitor brings all the benefits of line-array technology to the stage. It draws on NEXO's patented Hyperbolic Reflective...

New DiGiCo Little Red and Blue Boxes Expand Connectivity

DiGiCo's Little Red Box is specifically designed to work with DiGiCo's SD9 digital mixing console and allows you to connect a D-Rack or a MADI Rack (DiGi-Rack or MiNi-Rack) to two SD9s. Currently, a single D-Rack only allows you to connect to one SD9, with no way of sharing the...

Last Call for Catalogues!

We've given a tonne away but we keep getting more requests each month so jump on the bandwagon and get yourself setup with a monster catalogue that'll excite audio nerds and impress your clients... We have online for you too if you fancy yourself an e-version, but send us your details for the beast in the flesh.

Guess Who?

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