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Filter News July 2010

Brrrr! Its Cold In Here. Winter Brings a New Year.

With the end of financial year chaos behind, new projects have started to come scurrying in. Xilica, RCF and Camco have brought new toys to the playpen, DiGiCo's SD9 is making its mark around the country, Nexo's delivered a BIG sub and Quest have various new products in development. It’s all happening for this financial year... Giddy Up!

DiGiCo & Waves

Waves need no introduction in the industry and soon, your favourite plugs will be running on DiGiCo's SD consoles!

Got Catalogue!?!?

Now if you still haven't ordered yours... We're not too sure what you're waiting for!? Click here to get a copy!

But wait, there's more...

Xilica's Next Gen Processor Set to Turn Heads

Xilica has broken new ground once again with the Neutrino 3200. As Xilica's DSP technology reaches its third incarnation, the Neutrino 3200 includes its next generation DSP processing ability alongside 4 card slots on the rear with each slot capable of holding 8 inputs or 8 outputs...

Nexo Packs Two 18" Ray Subs Into a Monster Box

Extending NEXO's offering of the patent pending RAY SUB design, the RS18 is the second product to feature this technology. The RS18 sets a new standard for performance and versatility capabilities utilising a 2x18" sub bass cabinet. Ray SUB Technology is based on optimizing positioning and...

Amway Take Nexo and DiGiCo Around the Country

Mirage Audio Visual from Auckland toured through Australia with Amway on a whirlwind Product Launch and Concert tour, to launch their new brand "Beautycycle". The Brief was simple, to produce a large quality show that encompassed the launch of the brand and a small concert set...

RCF Adds a New Sibling to the ART Family

RCF has released the new ART 4 series of speakers which are equipped with a powerful DSP that manages crossover, EQ., soft limiter, compressor and dynamic bass boost functions. All the models of the ART 4 Series feature two special equalisation presets...

Camco Debuts V8 Silver Series Amplifier

CAMCO has debuted its new V8 high-performance Class H amplifer, delivering 8800 Watts of power whether in 2 Ohm or 4 Ohm mode. The first of three planned additions to the celebrated CAMCO Vortex Series, the V8 shows off a new design aesthetic and streamlined user...

Group Technologies Commercial Range at Integrate 2010

Group Technologies will have its substantial commercial range of products on display at Integrate 2010. With the latest offerings from RCF, Quest and HumanTechnik, GT will be showcasing only the best in commercial audio. Be sure to register if you haven't already!

Quest's Wooden QM-350 Speaker Coming Soon

Quest is about to commence production of their new wooden speaker, the QM350.With asymmetrical HF dispersion, 400W RMS output and a lightweight chassis, the QM350 is sonically tasty and the epitomy of practical. Keep an eye out as more on this hits the streets soon!

DiGiCo Makes Waves with New SoundGrid

In the past, live sound engineers have been forced to compromise on their choice of digital console if they wanted to enjoy the versatility provided by Waves plug-ins. But now, DiGiCo offers the best of both worlds with the DiGiCo/Waves SoundGrid - a must for every DiGiCo...

Still Need Something Cool for the Coffee Table?

They're flying out the door and rightly so. If you haven't got one yet, the time is now! Add some reference reading to the new financial year's agenda. We want them off the shelves and we're definitely getting there! Email us with your address and number before they're all goooooonnneeee!

Guess Who?

One of the original 'J.B's', my funkiness has been felt for over 40 years. Pioneering the slap with freakish filters and rubbery grooves, my style is the epitomy of (p)funk. I take to the stage with my Space Bass, performing spectacles like no other. Know who it is? Click here for the answer!

We'd Love To Hear From You!

If you're working on a major production of any kind and you'd like to be in Filter, or you'd like a story for your own publication; be sure to send us a line. Please include as much detail of the event as possible, the gear in use and plenty of photos! Email Anf by clicking here.

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