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Filter News June 2010

Filter Welcomed. Looks Like We Were Missed!

We’ve made it to Issue 2 of Filter and the feedback from the first issue was really great. The SD9’s have been coming in and flying out the door faster than we can get them! RCF have released another steerable product, this time for commercial use; and Quest has been refining their new box which is set to turn heads. It just keeps coming so we keep bringing it to you... Dig in!

Quest HPI In Development!

Quest has been working on a new range of boxes that sound the biz and look like something Captain Kirk would use.

Catalogues Away!

We've sent a tonne of these bad boys out and if you haven't ordered yours yet, click here to order your copy!

But wait, there's more...

Enmore, Factory & Metro Theatre's Take Nothing But Nexo

The Enmore Theatre originally opened to the public in 1912 as a photo-play theatre in Sydney's inner city suburb of Newtown. With a history spanning almost a century, the Enmore is Sydney's oldest theatre and has become one of the most popular venues for international acts. With its.

RCF Steers Commercial Sound

The VSA 2050 is a multi-amplified vertical steerable array that represents one of the latest RCF innovations in digital audio technology. The audio signal is processed by powerful DSP's which control vertical acoustic dispersion ensuring sound is distributed to the intended listening.

Wrest Point Casino Chooses Nexo for It's Auditorium

Hobart's gorgeous waterfront Casino, Wrest Point, was recently spoilt with a complete Nexo install. The Tasman Room, Wrest Point's large multi-purpose auditorium, seats up to 1600 guests with additional space for standing patrons. The Tasman Room is home to everything from theatre.

Group Technologies Hosts Accessible Audio Seminar

GT recently held an awareness seminar promoting discussion and education on the new building standard AS 1428.5 which was published in May this year. The standard specifies the requirements for the installation of assisted listening systems (ALS) alongside the communication accessibility requirements.

Federation Square Gets a Sound Check

Federation Square opened back in 2002 as a civic precinct and landmark on the edge of Melbourne City. The site takes on a multitude of forms as it provides offices, bars, café's and a live outdoor entertainment area with a large LED screen that has held over 10,000 punters in.

GT Releases the Turbo Encabulator!

There has been a fair bit of secrecy surrounding this little gem which GT has been developing in their basement over the past twelve months. After extensive testing, its finally ready for deployment. Be sure to take a look and see what all the fuss is about!

k.d. lang takes Nexo to the Logies

Melbourne's Crown Casino hosted the 2010 Logie Awards and what a spectacular night it was. Special guest k.d. lang delivered a fantastic performance of 'Hallelujah' which stunned audiences and was received with a standing ovation. Shortly after, k.d.'s latest album.

Quest Goes Outer Space With High Performance

Quest has been heavily invested in bringing a High Performance range of speakers completely designed in Australia to the market for the past twelve months. Two speaker boxes are close to completion, one with a 10" driver, another with two 10" drivers and each with a single.

Get Ya Catalogues Here, Get Ya Catalogues!

Yes, we know we're floggin' it but they're just so damn good. A hardbound catalogue that sits neatly with your reference books and doubles up as great coffee table reading? Only GT can make it so... Email us with your address and number if you're one of the few who hasn't got one yet!

Guess Who?

With more alter-ego's than you could poke a stick at, I was an unmistakable icon of glam rock. Through the 70's I set trends and broke moulds like it was nobody's business and spent several months on a diet of cocaine, capsicum and milk. Know who it is? Click here for the answer!

We'd Love To Hear From You!

If you're working on a major production of any kind and you'd like to be in Filter, or you'd like a story for your own publication; be sure to send us a line. Please include as much detail of the event as possible, the gear in use and plenty of photos! Email Anf by clicking here.

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