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Filter News May 2010

Filter Lives! A rant from the editor.

Its been some time but we've finally managed to get it together and bring Filter back! My name is Anthony (Anf), I'm Group Tech's new fella in the hot seat and I plan on making Filter a reasonably regular affair from now on. Expect only the best in industry and product news as well as our Guess Who mini trivia at the bottom of every issue. So, grab a coffee (or a beer) and have a read. Enjoy!

DiGiCo SD9 Unleashed!

Its all happening with the SD9. Since the official release at MusikMesse the industry has been a buzz with curiosity!

New GT Catalogue!

GT has recently published its new full line product catalogue. Click here to order your copy!

But wait, there's more...

RCF Releases Steerable Array Speakers

The new TTL11A digitally steerable speakers from RCF represent a true innovation in speaker systems. Available in three flavours, the range is designed so that it can be installed in challenging environments where sound must be directed in particular directions with narrow dispersion...

Cultures Combine with Odeon & Nexo

Club Odeon is one of Crown Casino's longest standing bars but it recently had a re-launch and complete re-vamp now hosting live bands and superstar DJ's five nights a week. Crown is no stranger to international acts or guests and so the Odeon received the royal treatment with its installation...

Quest Engineering Developing New Wooden Chassis Speaker

The propeller heads at Quest have been busy refining their plan for world domination. On the side they've also been working on a new wooden chassis speaker which will enter at an impressive price point delivering sound usually associated with more high end units. Stay tuned for more info as we get it!

Group Technologies Accessible Audio Seminar

Group Technologies are holding two complimentary seminars discussing Australia's new building code for the hearing impaired. These will be held on June 1st with leading authorities providing expert information and advice. Places are extremely limited so get in quick. These seminars are not to be missed!

TVNZ Choose DiGiCo for Broadcast

New Zealand's premier television station, TVNZ, has been leading the way in New Zealand proudly broadcasting four free-to-air channels alongside a prominent online media presence. Recently, their Audio Director Andrew Stewart was asked to recommend a new console for their broadcast control...

RCF Brings a New Player to Wide Dispersion

RCF has unveiled the TT051-A and TT052A ultra compact, active loudspeakers. These are designed specifically for high quality indoor near field application. The TT051A is equipped with a 300 W digital amplifier, 150 W for the low frequencies and 150 W for the high...

HumanTechnik Low Overspill Induction Loop Amplifier

The Humantechnik Pro-Loop induction loop amplifier is a compact system designed to operate low overspill systems. It integrates the entire electronic configuration required into a single enclosure providing a flexibly sized, reliable low-overspill solution...

RCF Enters Studios with MYTHO6 & MYTHO8 Reference Speaker

MYTHO 6 and MYTHO 8 are active two-way, nearfield reference studio monitors specifically designed for audio production applications where an accurate reproduction is required, such as professional recording studios, project or home studios...

DiGiCo SD8 at Planet Shakers 2010

FFP recently put on one heck of a production for Planet Shakers 2010. FOH engineer Brian Vayler gives a quick run down on why he loves the SD8 on FFP's new Vimeo video site. Be sure to check it out...
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NightCat Walks the Street with a New Online Presence

The funkateers at the Night Cat have recently renovated their website. Renowned for being home to a diverse range of bands, the Night Cat is definitely the place for live music. The new site includes a running gig list and an option to sign up to gig news so be sure to check it out to see who's playing and when!

Group Technologies Full Product Line Catalogue

GT has recently published its new full line product catalogue. It took some time to tame this literary beast given the sheer quantity of products we needed to cover... It’s finally here and it proudly weighs in at over 300 pages! If you'd like one, simply email us your details by clicking here.

DiGiCo SD9 Unleashed

The future has arrived. A compact, world-class digital mixing system at an exceptional price. Forget the limitations of conventional digital or analogue mixing. The new DiGiCo SD9 is a class apart and a whole generation ahead. At its heart is the same Stealth Digital Processing and unique Super FPGA...

Guess Who?

A sexy rocker born in 1948, I was a singer in a duo with my partner. I was big in the late 70's after joining a band started by a drummer. After years of drug abuse and sleeping with virtually every band member I went on to have a successful solo career. Know who it is? Click here for the answer!

We'd Love To Hear From You!

If you're working on a major production of any kind and you'd like to be seen in Filter, be sure to send us a line. Be sure to include as much detail of the event as possible, the gear in use and as many photo's as possible! Email Anf by clicking here.

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