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Live sound back from the dead?
Filter 6: Making it Live and Loud! Filter 6: Making it Live and Loud!

Is live sound making a comeback with music manned not canned? This month Filter looks at some of the companies and people who are making live music liver and louder. Nexo and RCF get subtly blasted to the forefront to join the front row of head banging live music appreciators as we look at a couple of independent sound companies. One is new on the block and the other has totally “been there and done that!” Keeping with the live theme, the rock pub is back in business and we look at a Sydney institution that could be an indicator of a new cultural trend. Meanwhile, in the bush, it never went away, but the days of a row of nasty horns have long gone.

Birth of the array excavates the history of the line array and debunks some of the propaganda war being fought between all the marketing company’s web sites and sales brochures. Let’s here your real life experiences on this one.

Looking Good & Sounding Great
Hunter Doubles Alpha-e Inventory
Hunter Doubles Alpha-e Inventory

Newcastle’s Hunter Sound and Lighting, the largest Sound and Lighting Production Company in Newcastle and the NSW Central Coast, has just doubled its existing Nexo Alpha-e stock from 24 to 48 boxes. Filter spoke with Hunter CEO Lindsay Hall about the new Nexo Purchase

Installed for suces
Sydneyís Band Haven, Still Band Heaven
Sydney’s Band Haven, Still Band Heaven

Twenty years ago you couldn’t walk down any pub-strip around Sydney’s inner suburbs without hearing Aussie pub-rock wafting through the night air. These days the pub-rock venue is almost an extinct species. But not quite… Sydney’s Annandale is leading the charge of a rock revival, Filter checks out their choice of Nexo for the job

Its new, Its awesome, its...
There was Movement at the StationÖ
There was Movement at the Station…

Has RCF come up with the lightest-ever portable PA system? Set to revolutionise its sector, take a look at our summary of the new RCF Move 100

Looking good & sounding great
Startech are Reaching for Stars and Guitars
Star Tech are Reaching for Stars and Guitars

One of the new generations of sound and lighting companies is Melbourne’s Star Tech, and one key component to their success was making some astute equipment buying decisions early on. “We still use pretty much everything we ever bought”, comments Daniel. Read about the early choice of RCF and the positive impact it has had on Star Tech’s operations

Product Review
Mannís Multi-Purpose Microphone Hits the Mark
Mann’s Multi-Purpose Microphone Hits the Mark

Good microphones are like classic children; they should be seen and not heard! The Mann M-11 is making a lot of sound engineers in both live and studio very happy. Read more about the Mann M11

On Location
You Beauty: Nexo Musters up the Goods in Mt Beauty
You Beauty: Nexo Musters up the Goods in Mt Beauty

The team at PA Services, an audio production hire, sales and installation company based in Wodonga, Victoria, has been working the annual Mt Beauty Music Muster since its inception seven years ago, and Nexo has featured prominently in this year’s Muster

The birth of the array
The Birth of The Array: Part 03
The Birth of The Array: Part 03

Birth of the Array keeps on keeping on and we are forging forward with this historical document. Take a read, pick it apart, if you are that way inclined, and feel free to send us you impressions of it. This is Birth of the Array Part 3

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