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Welcome to Filter
Welcome back to Filter!
Hey, welcome back to Filter!

Obviously we didn’t do too bad a job on our first issue, as you are back in for more. We had some great, positive feedback to our first issue and hope we can continue to make this publication a valuable resource to all who read it. Continue reading here…

On Location
The Good Oil on Reliability, as Provided by Optocore for Athens 2004
The Good Oil on Reliability, as Provided by Optocore for Athens 2004

As promised last issue, we have pulled together further details on the impressive job Scott Willsallen did during the Athen’s 2004 Olympic Games. We detail the way Optocore held the show together, and ran without a hitch. Find out more about the event and Optocore here…

Technology Update
NEXO GeoT's Rock 'n Roll Lifestyle
NEXO GeoT’s Rock ‘n Roll Lifestyle

What a sound! Filter was given a personal tour of the rig used by Jet for the band’s Melbourne show at Festival hall, only two days after claiming victory, via six awards, at the ARIA Awards presentation ceremony. Johnston Audio’s Drew Menard spent some time with us to talk about GeoT. Check out what he had to say here…

On Location
TRCF Gets Racy at the 2004 Red Bull Billy-Cart Grand Prix
RCF Gets Racy at the 2004 Red Bull Billy-Cart Grand Prix

Melbourne’s Lex Audio Visual got things moving for the second running of the Red Bull Billy-Kart Grand Prix held this weekend. It was a great day with everything working in its favour, especially the weather, and of course RCF. Take a look at the article and some cool pictures here…

Catch Nexo Live
RCF Art 322a
RCF Art 322a - It Goes Where No Plastic Has Gone Before

RCFs plastic powered speaker boxes have been the mainstay of the Australian audio hire company for many years now. Many companies out there are still using the legendary Art 300a. So have RCF delivered on a replacement for this great, multi-purpose box. Read here to find out about the Art 322a…

Product Review
Better Value than a Chicken Schnitzel at Your Local

RCF have a tasty treat for installation operators looking for a simple integrated solution for PA systems in restaurants, boutiques and supermarkets, large department stores and factories. You could say they have delivered a hamburger with the lot. Enough already with the foodie comments. Check it out the article here …

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Revolver Article Details
Revolver Audio adds Camco Tecton to their inventory

Sydney’s Revolver have a sure fire way to turn amps into a smoking pile of rubble. Not with Camco, however. Learn about the search for the best amplifier for Revolver and their Nexo Alpha System rig by clicking here …

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