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Quest Q-Motion: For Sound Guys on the Move

Quest Q-Motion Product Range

Quest Engineering has been very busy of late coming up with the impressive looking Q-Motion Series of passive and powered speakers for audio road warriors. Like the marketing brief says; you don't have to be an expert in sound engineering to get professional results - you just need an expert sound system. This certainly seems to ring true for Q-Motion, an impressive new addition to the Quest line up.

The Quest Q motion passive series has been designed specifically for audio professionals working within the tough world of equipment rental, installation and compact touring markets and to facilitate this, Quest has developed speaker components for the Q motion systems designed to handle the punishment the pro-rental market dishes out; while at the same time maintaining an exceptionally smooth frequency response and superb vocal presence.

First up is the Q motion DC series, a collection of 2-way full range loudspeakers with remarkable vocal presence, clarity with high feedback stability. Based around Quest custom designed coaxial drivers with an integrated 1" HF rear mounted transducer, they have been engineered as a compact low profile speaker with the capacity for two set up angles.

These DC series boxes can be used either as a stage monitors, short throw wide dispersion FOH speakers or together with a Quest sub bass as a flexible PA system. Talk about versatile.

Even more impressive, the DC series cabinets are constructed from birch plywood, which incorporates the handles and come with an impact-resistant paint finish. There are also some permanent installation hardware options available. The DC Series currently has two models, the DC10 and DC12, both ultra-compact, mini-monitor/FOH speakers.

Next up is the QM-12MP Multi Purpose Passive box, a combination high-output stage monitor/front of house speaker in a compact low-profile enclosure. This system allows variable positioning for a choice of floor monitor baffle angles, or vertical easy pole mounting and overhead rigging. Great if you need a very high performance fold back monitor one day and a flown front of house system the next. Pretty cool.

Also in the passive range for Q-Motion is the QM-12FR, a two-way loudspeaker system providing high output, and low distortion sound reinforcement for a wide range of applications. The 12" low frequency woofer and 1/4" exit 3" voice coil high frequency compression driver provide higher output and lower distortion plus enhanced power handling capabilities for better performance in both portable and permanently installed applications.

Its high output capabilities let it act as a main system for smaller concert or portable A/V events or even provide front or side fill for concert touring applications. The comprehensive system of integral threaded mounting points and aero-track fly-ware permit safe, load-rated suspension in permanent installations.

If it's powered boxes you want, the QM 108 is a timber ultra compact mid-powered two-way mid bass-high trapezoid passive speaker optimized for vocal projection. Good live vocal clarity in a music mix is where most micro systems fail to perform well. A Quest Engineering designed 8" cast frame woofer and 20mm throat wave-guide horn driver combination has been engineered particularly to give good vocal performance and the right power handling to reproduce complex music program. It is the ideal partner for the QM 1000A flexi-system or employ it with or without sub bass as a high quality compact installation speaker for a bar or music venue.

The next powered box is the QM 600AS. This compact high output self-powered subwoofer is the ideal general-purpose bass system for any compact passive or powered portable PA. QM 600AS active subwoofers combine a high headroom 650-watt amplifier, an adjustable electronic crossover processor section and Quest designed low distortion, 15" sub bass woofer.

The Input section allows for custom system tuning with a combination of high and low pass filters that makes it possible to "tailor" your sub bass and line level outputs for optimum system performance. The input section consisting of Neutric mono/stereo combo XLR/Jack input connectors and XLR thru/ high pass output connectors.

Finally we check out the QM 1000A Flexi-system. The QM 1000A flexi-system can be summed up with one sword; flexibility. Mobile DJ, small band, bar installation, corporate theatre, audiovisual multi media production, with a QM 1000A you can cover these compact production requirements all in the same week.

The QM 1000A sub bass enclosure contains 1 x 650 watt RMS mono bass amplifier, 2 x powerful 200 Watt RMS @ 8 ohms independently accessible satellite amplifiers, a system controller, adjustable cross-over and a multiplicity of system configuration options.

Simple full range compact PA or a building block to a sophisticated system The QM 1000A and 2 x QM-108 Mid/High speakers make a great full-range system to achieve professional results for full range high output in medium-sized venues and for small band or DJ. Or for larger shows, add 2 powered satellite speakers to the system and use the internal amplifiers to run two channels of independent fold-back.

Alternatively the QM 1000A and QM600AS can power up to any 4 x passive speakers as a mixture of front of house and/or fold-back in either full range or crossover output mode. A pair of QM 1000 bass modules will give you a total of 4 extra amplifiers you can configure for many combinations of fold-back and front of house configurations.

With strong birch ply construction and heavy-duty amplifier and speaker components, the QM 1000A is built tough for a life on the road. A 35 mm pole mount socket and two side handles completes the package and optional dolly carts and transit covers are available.

Quest has really found a good market with this new Q-Motion range. Expect to be pleasantly surprised at the quality and scope of this new range of products.

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