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Quest Release a New Sub/Satellite PA with More Power and More Style

Q-motion from Quest Engineering brings full range sound to compact mobile audio with more features, more power, better sonic performance, and the legendary reliability Quest that comes with every Quest Engineering product.

Conceived for the rental industry, PA professionals – and gadget-loving musos – will appreciate the true multi-function configuration and mix and match capability of this new system.


The heart of the system is the QM1000a sub bass, comprising one custom-built, Quest 15-inch bass driver that is quite amazing for such a small package. The bottom end sounds like a real sub-bass and has the SPL output to match. Most small powered bass systems go “thud” rather than “doof”, with a mass of muddy frequencies most sound guys EQ out. A sweep-able low pass filter allows the operator to really tune the bass sound to suit the music they are going to play.


Independent assess to the satellite amplifiers means the 1000a can be used as a sub bass plus two channels of fold-back to support a powered box system or alternatively, mono FOH with one channel of fold-back. Adjustable crossover frequencies for the satellite amplifiers mean you can match any speakers to the sub-bass. There is no shortage of power with 200 watts RMS at 8 ohms gives you the option of connecting 4 x 8 ohm remote speakers.

Mid/HF response is where most of micro systems fall over. There are quite a few on the market that sound great when demonstrated with a CD in a shop, but most of them really struggle to get live vocals across a room with any background noise.


Like all Quest speakers, vocals are where the Q-Motion 108 satellite system really excels. A purpose-designed HF driver matched to a Quest wave-guide really puts some “snap” into the top end without nasty peaks or resonances. The highly efficient multi-purpose 8-inch two-way high/mid boxes can also be purchased separately as installation speakers for a nightclub distributed system or you can substitute the soon to be released QM-10DC 10” or 12” dual concentric multi purpose speakers.

Add the birch ply construction and clever accessories; the Q-Motion 1000a package is the most pro compact full range system on the market.



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