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New RCF Powered Speaker Breaks Sound Barrier Without Breaking Your Back

Sometime last century, there was a TV program called “Beyond 2000” They fantasized about “gee wiz” technological products such as the flying car, the fridge that ordered, cooked and served food that made you smarter, and the perfect 100% effective pick-up line.

Roadies imagined a PA system that produced 132 dB, weighed a few kilograms and always sounded good regardless of operator impairment.

The car and the pick-up line are still to arrive but the PA is here. (I mean here on Earth and soon to be in Australia).

Get this; 19.5 Kgs 750 watts RMS, 132 dB and you won’t have to mortgage the rest of the century to buy one.  It’s the new RCF Art 522a/525a series.

It would be hard to argue against the fact that RCF are now the most high-tech speaker component manufacturer with the number of unique design features and benefits you will find on RCF bass drivers and HF transducers. One of the reasons the new RCF powered speakers sound so good is the quality of the components. Add the new generation amplifiers and digital processing and you have one pretty hard to beat package.

The Art series has become the standard of the pro-rental industry and this new series is the icing on the cake.

The new ART522A and ART525A should be available Mid December 2007.

RCF Art525a

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