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Advanced gets further ahead with Geo-S

There probably isn't a PA system in Melbourne working more constantly than Advanced Audio's Nexo Geo-S rig (disco installations not included). And a question often asked by the crew at Advanced Audio has been; is there any gig this PA can't cut it for?

Advanced Audio also specialises in video and corporate hire these days and its work base is broadly spread across business, theatre, government, festivals, cabaret and rider band shows. This is a big departure from their beginning back in the late 80s as a strictly rock and roll band sound and lighting production company, pushing big black boxes into unhealthy venues across the country.

The Nexo Geo-S, flown with subs inside Melbourne 's Rod Laver Arena.
The Nexo Geo-S, flown with subs inside Melbourne 's Rod Laver Arena.

Advanced Audio has made a big impact with its choice of Nexo Geo-S, and conversely Geo-S has made a big impact on Advanced Audio. The versatility of the Geo-S boxes makes it ideal for a huge range of production applications. Since purchasing the Geo-S a couple of years ago, Advanced Audio has fashioned numerous production techniques to deliver clear concise Nexo audio, and in turn created an abundance of new and regular customers wishing to avail themselves the company's services.

“With an inventory of over thirty Geo-S cabinets we can deliver (the most) even coverage (105db approx SPL) in venues such as Rod Laver Arena,” says Pete Rickman, Advanced Audio's Head of Production. “Matching infill and side-fill boxes with the (Nexo) PS Series is seamless, making great audio achievable in any size and shape of venue”, he went on to say.

The Nexo Geo-S, flown on custom towers for outdoor festivals.
The Nexo Geo-S, flown on custom towers for outdoor festivals.

Advanced Audio has been on the Nexo bandwagon for a while now and it all started with the purchase of a few Nexo boxes after a clean out of some old clunkers. Business for the Nexo gear was consistent enough, allowing for the purchase of more Nexo equipment. Actually, this wasn't an accident. It was the result of a strategic plan to reposition the company to a more lucrative market segment where the company could carefully utilise its intellectual property, rather than just be the PA guys. Over time, and with better products and service quality, the company has achieved this and remains price competitive for the more service-demanding jobs, yet still not cut corners overall.

The Nexo Geo-S ground stacked.
The Nexo Geo-S ground stacked.

As a result of its success with Nexo Geo-S, Advanced Audio has now acquired wider range of Audio and AV equipment, including Nexo Alpha- e and the excellent Nexo PS Series. Advanced Audio has really made hay while the sun shines with the Geo-S system but Peter Rickman (Production Director, Advanced Audio) hastens to remind us that their Nexo inventory doesn't stop with Geo. The Alpha- e still has a lot going for it as the “ultimate Lego PA”.

Despite the fact there are a lot of Alpha- e systems around town, it's full potential is not altogether appreciated considering how big a show an Alpha- e system can pull off. Once you have stood in front of twelve-a-side stacks in a venue such as Melbourne 's Festival Hall, or Sydney 's Horden Pavilion, you get a newfound respect for what the compact “ e ” can do. And best of all, it'll work in just about any array or quantity configuration.

Advanced Audio's Nexo Geo-S

When owner Steve Kirtland looks back over the last few years of development he is quite satisfied… “Playing Tetris with inventory in our factory has never been so much fun. Just about everything fits with something, giving a perfect solution for any tricky situation.”

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