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There’s quite a sound collection at the Collective.

Is this the best sound in Elwood? The Collective is a bar/restaurant situated in a central beachside suburb close to Melbourne’s popular St Kilda. The Elwood/St Kilda area has seen massive development over the last few years and has moved from a Bohemian and colourful setting, suitable for late night venue crawling, to a very slick and sophisticated market position. There’s still plenty of late night action to complement the quality of the local restaurant scene, which also tends to stay open for the late shift.

Inside The Collective
Inside The Collective

The Collective opens early and closes late and so far patronage has been very good, you can see why as soon as you enter. The venue is set up for about 80 patrons so it’s not going for big gig status, just quality. The atmosphere is smooth and comfortable, and once you’re in the door you don’t want to leave. Part of that atmosphere is attributed to the sound system. The Collective’s manager Graeme McHugh and one of its owners Gia Tran are both considered audio freaks and didn’t just want the best, they wanted plenty of it.

Some of the PS8 collection in at The Collective
Some of the PS8 collection in at The Collective

This venue appears to have more Nexo PS8 boxes per patron than any other venue in Australia and you can really hear them. There’s nothing that makes a PS 8 sound better than a Camco amplifier. These guys spared no expense and nothing was allowed near the signal path that might degrade the performance of the end product. One distinct thing about the PS8 system is that one can noticeably hear cheap pre-amps and grainy sounding EQs like they have neon signs on them. In the case of this venue, all the gear is top quality, so all that you can hear is top quality sound.

A nice installation job in at The Collective
A nice installation job in at The Collective

So here is the gear list:

  • 8 x Nexo PS8 
  • 2 x Nexo LS400
  • 2 x Nexo PS8 TD Controller
  • 3 x Camco Tecton 38.4 Amps
  • 4 x Quest MS601 6" Ceiling Speaker
  • 4 x Quest MS801 8" Ceiling Speakers
  • 1 x Yamaha DME24 System Management
  • Yamaha ICP1, CP4SW, CP1SF Control Panels
  • 2 x Technics SL1210 M5G Turntables
  • 1 x Allen & Heath ZOne 92 DJ Mixer
  • 2 x Pioneer CDJ 1000 MKII CD Players
  • 1 x RCF ART322A 12" Powered monitor speaker

So if you are traveling around Melbourne city beach suburbs one night, The collective is located at 133 Ormond Road Elwood 3184 and you will be rewarded by just how good a compact bar/retrurant can sound. Also… the food’s pretty good as well.

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