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No System Controller Required: Camco Introduce UCA Card for Tecton Series Amps

Over the last few years there has been a shift in the way speaker systems are managed, what was once called a Crossover is now called a speaker management system (or digital signal processor). These devices have become extremely sophisticated and offer more functions and a great user interface. With an increase in demand for greater system control, by both manufacturers and system engineers – and with the ever-growing complexity of system setups and events – one of the most important requirements is to be able to network the control elements of a system allowing engineers to deal with all the various elements from one platform, typically a PC. With some sophisticated speaker systems these days, the good results are half speaker box and half the electronics.

Ahh, the memories… the old fashioned crossover is not quite dead, it just smells funny. If you want small, high-powered boxes that are loud and sound good, this is not going to make it happen.

Camco Introduce UCA Card for Tecton Series Amps
Living in the 70's and still working 30 years later. To get a good sound out of a PA, then you needed to know what you were doing.

Today it's a different story, most of today's speaker systems use some form of controller/crossover to manage a variable amount of different control functions, such as a speaker system crossover point, EQ, delay etc. There are independent brands of controllers and there are controllers made by a given speaker manufacturer specifically for their own systems. While the general system controllers are not made for any one particular speaker brand, they do offer quite a good range of functions and are widely used, all one needs to do is download a given speaker system's data into the unit and it will run the system.

Camco Introduce UCA Card for Tecton Series Amps
A system specific system controller. Don't leave home without it!

Launched at this year's proLight+sound exhibition in Frankfurt , Camco's UCA (Universal Controller Amp) card is a DSP module designed for its Tecton and Vortex series amplifiers. The card allows the control of many functions, including full parametric EQ, Delay, IIR-filters, X-Over and Limiters, with all functions selectable and controlled by the Camco WinCai remote control system. All this and more on a card that fits neatly into the amplifier body, essentially turning it into a sophisticated digital signal processor.

Camco Introduce UCA Card for Tecton Series Amps
The new Camco UCA (Universal Controller Amp) Card

Camco's UCA has been designed to accommodate the requirements of such speaker systems and in due course we will be seeing many downloads available for a vast array of systems specifically for the UCA. Along with the features listed above, the UCA user can choose a preferred network format, via analogue, AES/EBU, EtherSound or Cobranet inputs, making the UCA open to all markets and preferred formats. The UCA can also be loaded with "parameter sets" from the MF measuring system. In short, this means you can have a system tested (independent from Camco), produce a set of data, and end up with a dedicated DSP design for a given application.

Camco Introduce UCA Card for Tecton Series Amps
Full control via your PC with the WinCAI and ESMonitor

With the cost of modern system controllers generally running at 2K+, the card is a pretty cost effective solution, especially when you have multiple amplifier racks fed from mixing matrixes in remote locations where multiple controllers would run up a bill of thousands.

Camco Introduce UCA Card for Tecton Series Amps
Signal Processing: Measurement, FIR-Filtering, Result

The Camco UCA will be available in Australia soon.

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