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You Beauty: Nexo Musters up the Goods in Mt Beauty

The team at PA Services, an audio production hire, sales and installation company based in Wodonga, Victoria, has been working the annual Mt Beauty Music Muster since its inception seven years ago, supplying equipment and production crew. Nexo has been used by PA Services since 1999 and this year the gear used for the Muster included two Nexo Alpha-e rigs and two Nexo PS15 systems, along with some RCF Art 322a speakers with 705AS Subs.

Nexo PS15 in action
Nexo PS15 in action

The Mount Beauty Music Muster, held on the long weekend in April this year, is based in the small community of Mount Beauty. Originally a company town built to house the workers of the Snowy River hydroelectric complex, it has a population of 2,300 with another 5,000 in the surrounding region. Local residents started the festival originally and the organisers now form a committee of about twelve volunteers. The event has grown over the last seven years, so much so, that it is extremely difficult to find accommodation for miles.

Performers using Nexo PS15 system with RCF monitors
Performers using Nexo PS15 system with RCF monitors

With the festival being held over a few days and in a wide variety of venues, including the Bogong Pub and Settler’s Tavern, the Mount Beauty Country Club, and the Community Hall, there are a variety of audio challenges to overcome. “On the Saturday and Sunday there were a few choirs and acoustic acts performing with only a few condenser microphones, or sometimes a five piece acoustic and harmony group all gathered around a Neumann U87”, explains Tony Boon from PA Services, “The results in the hall were amazing, the Alpha-e system had a lot of gain before feedback and sounded excellent in the less than perfect hall, acoustically speaking, that is”.

Tony Boon
Tony Boon

Overall the festival was deemed a great success, with the audience showing great appreciation for the diverse range of acts, which included The Diddlydaddys, Bruce Mathiske, Clip-Clop Club, Tehai, and Kate Miller-Heidke, to name but a few. The event organisers were delighted with the quality of the audio, as supplied by PA Services and they are getting set to get the next one under way.

Wodongaís PA Services crew enjoying Mt Beauty
Wodonga’s PA Services crew enjoying Mt Beauty

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