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Mann’s Multi-Purpose Microphone Hits the Mark

Good microphones are like classic children; they should be seen and not heard! The Mann M-11 almost lives up to this, only its small size negates this quote. With absolutely open and transparent sonic qualities, along with an output that tests the input of padless desks, this microphone has become a firm favourite in my toolkit. Moving into a lot of work in orchestral, jazz and acoustic styles this microphone is essential, as it imparts only a beneficial sonic quality on the source, yet has the output to negate the use of much gain, keeping the noise floor well down.

The Mann M-11

Assembled in China, by Mann, quality control is amazing – grab two from different batches and AB them. The concept of paying more, on an already insanely low price at retail, for a matched pair is now an issue of the past! And for live use, replacement diaphragms are so cheap, I don’t worry about the conditions (high humidity, smoke fluid, being dropped) that I use them in.

Value for money, Mann represents the leading brand I have found. With great dealer support and a growing number of high-end engineers discovering and specifying these as standard capsules, along with artists stunned by the realism that they impart, get on board now!

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