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We Just Want Background Music - at 115dB

For those who prefer their speaker boxes small and black, do you remember the Quest MT series? They started off as the “Mann Monitor” in 1997 and after a redesign with a few improvements to the crossover, new waterproof drivers, and high current 100v transformers; it became the Quest MT 801. Two smaller models soon followed.

The MT soon established itself as the best-sounding and most reliable budget-priced commercial installation box available. You can now see them everywhere and often used in applications way in excess of their original intended purpose, which incidentally, was for economical and great sounding vocal/background music.

As a flood of look-a-likes with car radio components followed in the MT Series wake, it was time for a new series with a new look and thus we now have the Quest MS Series. Three new models featuring eight-, six-, or four-inch drivers with titanium top end in UV stabilised boxes and fitted with power-coated, rustproof alloy grills and fittings.

The drivers are built specifically for these boxes, are waterproof and handle more power. Its ease of repair (yes they are not blow-and-throw) was a priority and the practicalities of installation feature in the design. Best of all, the price/performance ratio is even better than the old model.

For low-cost commercial installations, nightclub/bar distributed fill boxes, outdoor music and paging–you name it–the new MS series is a great solution the next time your customer says, “We just play back ground music but sometimes we get in a DJ!” You know the rest of the story.

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