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Nexo GeoT Powers The Red Bull Formula 1 Team

Johnston Audio Services, one of Melbourne 's premier production companies, provided the audio system for the recent launch of the Red Bull Formula 1 Team held at Melbourne 's Shed 14. The Red Bull event created a huge amount of buzz in Melbourne as the city was gearing up for the Australian Grand Prix event at Albert Park Lake . It ended up being one of the most talked about "A List" events for the Grand Prix week, with numerous rumours circulating about the event and exactly who would be performing. The star of the show ended up being pop superstar Pink!, to the delight of the attendees.

Johnston Audio Services installed a Geo T system for the main area, with supplementary delay systems of Nexo PS15s inside and outside the building. Nexo is quickly becoming a main force of the audio industry, and the GeoT has proved to be successful due to its incredible sound quality, size, ease of set-up and aesthetic appeal.

Nexo GeoT Powers The Red Bull Formula 1 Team


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