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Bump Productions Love Art in the Music Scene

Walking distance from both the Oxford Street nightclub strip and the Sydney CBD, Bump Productions is well positioned to service a multiplicity of club to corporate clients.

Band gigs, disco installations, dance productions and pretty much everything connected with music around Sydney is Bump Productions' target market. And like many of the new generation of production companies, it all started with a DJ and a mobile PA - RCF Art boxes actually.

Bump Productions

Back in the 90's when Bump Productions owner Peter Farris upgraded his existing mobile system to include some RCF Art 300A powered boxes, he had no idea just how much his business and client base would expand. Peter was already an established DJ in club land around the city centre when he branched out into the financially hazardous world of nightclub and driveway rental. With a rapidly growing customer base it was a natural progression to dance party production, with the aid of a second-hand Turbosound TMS3 system. During the company's formative years the RCF boxes proved to be a worthy investment surviving loads of punishment and helping Peter to form the foundation of a burgeoning enterprise.

In more recent times Bump Productions has grown to include Marcus Paino. With his background with the early days of Aussie Monitor, Marcus joined with Peter to bring his extensive experience in the area of live music production, tech repairs and speaker system design to Bump.

Marcus brings a muso/sound-guy feel to the previously DJ specialist company

As the shows got bigger, so did the equipment inventory. Turbosound and EAW are now well represented in Bump's big box stockpile, but when it comes to compact PA systems, RCF is still at the king of the pack – the truck pack that is.

Bump Productions

There are still plenty of years left in the RCF 300A boxes, but for that gig where it needs a bit more power, the new series Art boxes are lifting the ‘plastic box' to a new height of production potential.

Bump ProductionsNot just nightclubs: Bump do big gigs, too
Not just nightclubs: Bump do big gigs, too

A quantity of the New RCF Art 322 powered boxes, complemented by the RCF Art 705AS powered sub-bass boxes, have added a level of versatility to Bump's rental and production departments. The Art 322 and 315 series are the first of the production crossover-type powered boxes that go where no plastic box has gone before. That is, they have more than enough grunt for rental and will make a good account of themselves in production environments normally reserved for the very expensive timber brands. Except at half the price and a quarter of the weight.

The new high-tech Art series boxes are not a makeover of the earlier models; they are a completely new approach to the challenge of more power, less weight and punter-proof reliability. The I/R remote control is a great benefit when you wish to mute, turn up/down, or EQ a single box on a truss or remote location.

The features and European-built quality position the RCF Art series firmly at the top of the stack when it comes to plastic boxes. And the final word from Peter is, “They're not just technically well-designed, they look classy, too. Our corporate customers don't have to pester me to hide the boxes anymore”. Once again RCF Art series proves it can cut it in all areas of production.

An RCF Speaker Can Modernise the Look of Any Lounge Room An RCF Speaker Can Modernise the Look of Any Lounge Room

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