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4PRO Series, 8001: The New 18” Sub from RCF

RCF has always had a considerable reputation when it comes to speaker components and in more recent times the powered speaker market. The original plastic RCF Art series managed to cleave out quite a position for itself as ‘The Pro’ plastic box among equipment renters, production companies and the retail public, duly followed by a real accomplishment (in the form of a timber, powered speaker system range) known as 4PRO. Both the Art and 4PRO ranges have provided an excellent starting point to leap into a couple of new product ranges.

4PRO Series 8001as
4PRO Series 8001as

The new Art series range has been an immediate hit among serious professionals and RCF is now introducing new 4PRO models, featuring the latest RCF Precision Series drivers and new microprocessor controlled power amplifiers. The first items to appear from the 4PRO range are sub-bass systems and they have already begun to make an impression on the early adopters.

The speaker box market is somewhat crowded at the moment, but there is always room in the lifeboat for a really good sub - one that doesn’t cost a fortune. Especially if that sub is compact, high-powered, user-friendly and sounds good all over the room, not just up the back or rumbling expensive spirits of the top shelf of that new nightclub.

One system that fits the above description is the RCF 4PRO 8001. It’s a powered, front-loaded 18” sub-bass, powered by an 800-watt RMS, Class-H amplifier, and jam-packed with handy features that pro-sound guys will love. One of the first nightclub installers and production companies to discover the 8001 was Stavros and Jonathon from Victoria’s Pro Light and Sound. RCF is a relatively new product for this company but the 4PRO subs, coupled with the new Art series powered full range boxes, have proved to be a spectacularly good combination for these guys.

Jonathan has had experience with the 15” and 18” RCF subs, “The 15” 705-AS has amazing output for it’s size but the 4PRO takes over where the 15” box leaves off”, he says. He also had a lot to say about its sound and even response, “It just gushes quality. It’s not just great for DJ/nightclub environments, it’s smooth response means you can hear every note of a bass guitar scale at the same volume, and that’s unusual in all but the most advanced and expensive sub-bass systems”.

Both Jonathan and Stavros were surprised at the output and coverage. “It has very high output for a conventional looking front-loaded system,” says Stavros. “Obviously RCF have really got something with these new series drivers. Many 18” systems are like rumble-machines, lacking in percussive attack however the 8001 has 15” impact, with an extra octave of low-end and a lot more grunt”.

As far as practical benefits are concerned, the switchable, three-position crossover is handy and the stereo filtered and unfiltered outputs to powered top boxes is a highly desirable feature. Size and weight are not excessive for the level of performance and you could even pack the PA into a mid-size station wagon, if required.

The RCF 4PRO range is going to be one to watch out for in 2005, as it is built for the pro-market and is not going to cost the ground you stand on. A number of innovative RCF products will soon be seeing the light of day, and subsequently utilised in a variety of installation and live performance applications.

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Stavros from Pro Light and Sound; “It’s the best built driver I have ever seen”
Stavros from Pro Light and Sound; “It’s the best built driver I have ever seen”

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