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Harry the Hirer add Stagemaker Compact Hoists to Inventory

Melbourne’s Harry the Hirer, Australia’s largest exhibition, function and event company, recently took delivery of numerous Stagemaker Compact hoists. The purchase was made with confidence, as Stagemaker Compact–a product made in Europe by its parent company Verlinde–produce the safest chain motors in the world. Best still, they are developed exclusively for the entertainment industry under European safety/standards guidelines - standards of which are the highest in the world and duly being followed by all other international regions.

Stagemaker hoist meets European safety standards

The Stagemaker Controller
The Stagemaker Controller

The Stagemaker Compact range of chain motors is a new product to Australia with Group Technologies taking on the agency late in 2003. As mentioned above, Stagemaker was established to develop products specifically for the entertainment industry under the parent company Verlinde, a massive European company based in France and employer of over 5000 personnel worldwide. Typically, they are in the crane, hoist, and lift-anything business, and they take that role very seriously.

Harry’s Simon and Brett with Stagemaker Hoists

Harry’s Simon and Brett with Stagemaker Hoists

So why did Harry’s decide on the Verlinde Stagemaker Compact? “One reason was safety,” said Harry’s Simon Finlayson, General Manager – Lighting, AV, Rigging Division. “That and the fact that Harry’s always look for the best and most innovative products, and Stagemaker upped the ante with its compact size, double-braking (2 brakes instead of one), an IP-56 rating which means they are more weather resistant than any of the competition, and finally, they’re the quietest hoist on the market, suiting our requirements perfectly”.

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