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Can it Get Any Better: Food, Wine, Music and GeoT?

For those who have not made their way down to one of the burgeoning A Day on the Green concerts held regularly at some of Australia’s finest wineries, all of us here at Filter can highly recommend doing so. Sure, we love to get sweaty at the Big Day Out and Homebake, and it wouldn’t be the same around New Year’s without the Falls Festival. However, sometimes the mosh-pit isn’t always my cup of tea–or glass of Pinot, as the case may be–and this is where this particular concert environment excels. In fact its rapidly growing popularity amongst punters is testament to a truly great music concept.

A Day on the Green grew from an idea by a couple of young punters (of days gone) who wanted to find a way to enjoy the big concert experience, with likeminded people, yet without the crush one must endure at events like the Big Day Out. Thus the ‘Green Experience was born. A few years on and the acts now booked for these events are getting bigger in stature and more international in flavour. Recent international acts to appear have been Elvis Costello & The Attractions, Jewel, Jackson Browne and Jamie Cullum. Scheduled to make their way down in the next few months are Bryan Adams and Norah Jones. These are big Names that require a big stage and big sound… Enter GeoT from Nexo.

Just Getting Started at Rochford Just Getting Started at Rochford

The GeoT seems to be popping up at every major concert event and we can’t help but always be pleasantly surprised by the quality of sound that is produced by these little guys (GeoT’s are tiny, compared to speakers still being manufactured today). In addition hanging a GeoT is great for sightlines and no matter where you stand–or in this instance sit–you are guaranteed to get the same great sound as they guy near front and centre, or the girl behind the sound desk. On the day we were rode in to Rochford, the GeoT rig comprised of:

  • 6 x Nexo GeoT 4805 Elements
  • 2 x Nexo GeoT 2815 Elements
  • Camco Vortex amplification
  • PM4000 console out front
  • Nexo PS 15’s monitors
  • Camco Vortex amplification (for said monitors)

From all reports the bands, which included Jamie Cullum and Kate Ceberano, were loving the sounds and all crew and relevant promoters were also wrapped in the finished product, and were all equally impressed with the size, and subsequent sounds, that GeoT produced. The Filter crew had the best fun on the lawn, eating from picnic hampers, drinking some pretty nice wine (all available on site), and listening to great music through the best sound system in the world today!

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What a Great Night: Go to the Next One! What a Great Night: Go to the Next One!

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