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LSD Choose Nexo for Heat Nightclub Install

When the new owners of Australia’s premier Cocktail Bar and Discotheque, Heat Nightclub at Melbourne’s Crown Casino, wanted a facelift for the club venue, they turned to Lighting & Sound Design (LSD) for the right advice to install the best sound system to suit their requirements.

LSD’s Adam Nevzat has been installing sound and lighting systems into the top clubs in Melbourne and Sydney for over twelve years and he and his company have secured themselves a position as experts on sound design, specialist lighting, laser systems and architectural lighting design to the nightclub industry. It is this experience working with and fully understanding the needs of some of the best club operators in Australia that provided them the installation contract with Heat Nightclub.

Working closely with the venue it was clear that no ordinary sound system was going to be suitable for the strict requirements detailed in the design brief. It is fair to say that most design briefs start out this way, but are usually compromised when the budget is set. However the experience of the owners of Heat allowed Adam to move beyond that to find a solution that achieved for the venue; a distortion-free sound suitable to a nightclub environment and a system that would complement and not compromise the aesthetics of the room. As Adam says, “Given those requirements, Nexo was the only clear choice”.

Heat Nightclub

So out went the current EV Delta-Max and Mongoose sound system and in went Nexo. The system comprising: six PS 15, four PS 10 and four PS 8, associated amplification and bass subs. This configuration meant the actual size of the combined gear (in comparison to what was previously installed) dropped by two thirds, without any compromise in sound. In fact, as Adam states, “Not only did we end up with a third of the amount of gear in the room, we also were given double the sound level, an extremely clean hi-fi sound with absolutely no distortion”.

The owners had given instructions to make the venue more amenable for patrons and volume was an issue. It was important that people could still converse without shouting, as this brings down the overall level of conversation in the room and consequently brings down the level of aggression – great for obvious reasons. It also helps that patrons do not have to shout drink orders across the bar.

Now although the system is twice as loud as what was previously installed Adam notes, “The sound is so clean, there’s no problem with patrons being heard”. He says, “The dance floor has become an inviting environment with absolutely no harsh top-end, synonymous with boxes used in a majority of club installations”. In fact the system proved to be so clean that on the first night of use the first of two DJs playing on the night had his set cut short due to his use of poorly burnt CDs from inferior quality Internet downloads. He would not be allowed to continue unless he could use better quality recordings, so off he went!

Heat Nightclub

The Nexo system has been in at Heat for a little over a year and the venue owners (and the team at LSD) are delighted with the results. Not once has there been a hiccup with the system and not a single cent has been spent on repairs since the install. Adam says, “This is the kind of stuff that has given me the confidence to install Nexo in over fifteen venues in Melbourne and Sydney. If you have a venue owner who understands the importance of spending a little more to obtain the best long-term results, everyone is in a win-win situation”. He adds, ”You can’t take short cuts, you simply have to get the right product from the start, and to me Nexo fits the bill based on sound, aesthetics, reliability and service”.

Heat Nightclub

LSD have over the years installed many audio systems into clubs in Melbourne and Sydney and they fully understand the importance of being able upgrade equipment, in this case Adam says, “it pays to think ahead and to think long-term, Nexo is so far advanced in the design and quality of its products they don’t need to constantly upgrade their models, unlike most other manufacturers that tend to bring out a new model every other year. Nexo products hold their resale value incredibly, thus making it a far superior investment.”

Speaking with Adam it is easy to recognise the depth of experience he has in this industry and for him to speak so highly of Nexo it is surely a sign that across many applications where sound quality, size, reliability and visual appearance are equally important factors, Nexo are leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.

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