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Johnston Audio Services: First in Australia to Take on DiGiCo Technology

Johnston Audio Services Managing Director, Bruce Johnston, has placed his Australian-based production company in a spectacular position recently by taking delivery of the DiGiCo D5-Live console; the first D5-Live to be shipped via Group Technologies to anywhere in Australasia.

“The demands of today’s touring engineers, and the audio quality which an end client so rightly expects, DiGiCo was the clear leader for us" says Bruce, when asked about the choice of DiGiCo D5-Live for the high-profile production company seen at most major concerts, events and international touring acts Australia-wide. He said "taking on board all that was on offer to us in the market place – DiGiCo’s reputation and world-user list - the D5 won hands down, quite simply for its expandability and ease of operation".

It’s this ease of operation that has everyone in the industry talking about these amazing consoles from UK’s DiGiCo. Bruce explains it this way, "An operator can be using D5 / D1 in Moscow on one day and then 30 hours later, here in Australia, he can load up the D5 and have the same show up and running in an instant. The D5 allows the operator total recall on everything except the band drink rider”.

It is this incredible flexibility and DiGiCo/Soundtracs ability to maintain a user interface consistent across all of its products that sets it apart from the competition. As Bruce states, "When you know one DiGiCo/Soundtracs format then you know the whole range. I mean the last thing we need in this audio world is yet another set of rules from one console to the next. In ten minutes you are up and running on a D1, a D5, or any of the Soundtrac’s boards, it’s that easy", he says.

For a company that prides itself on having only the best equipment in their inventory, JAS have made what many would argue as the only logical leap forward by choosing DiGiCo. "I guess the other real fact that drives all of us is the sound,” says Bruce. "DiGiCo really sounds good... no, no DiGiCo really sounds great!” he added.

The Digico D5 live

The Digico D5 live

Group Technologies, the Australian distributor of the DiGiCo range were pleased to acknowledge their first delivery of a D5-Live to JAS. National Sales Manager, Adam Iuston had this to say, “After personally having come from the theatre production industry, where Digital consoles have been a standard item for many years now, I’m really excited to meet companies from the live industry, making the commitment to this technology”.

Adam believes that DiGiCo “has made phenomenal advancements in this domain in a very short space of time” and that it “is little wonder, as the Soundtrac’s operating system has had time to develop and prove itself many times over.” Adam says “A large number of the very best studios in the world today use this powerful mixing platform and achieve amazing results.”

DiGiCo have really taken the digital mixing console to new levels, focusing on design and simplicity from a users perspective. Adam says, “One of the other main factors contributing the company’s success is the team of people behind DiGiCo; Bob Doyle, David Webster and last, but by no means least, James Gordon.” He says, “These are real people, with real hands-on, in-the-field, design skills.” Adam has had some great reactions to the consoles, with comments such as, “The pots feel like real ones” and “it feels (and works) like an analogue console.” It is these types of reactions to the consoles that the design team at DiGiCo strives for.

At the end of the day, “DiGiCo was designed by sound guys, for sound guys”, says Adam, and “it is this which really sets them apart from the pack. So from where I stand, the future is here today and encapsulated in a single word; DiGiCo.“ It seems that Bruce at JAS has taken the step into the here and now.

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