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Revolver Audio adds Camco Tecton to their inventory.

The year is 2003. Sydney production, sales and hire company, Revolver Audio, have just purchased a NEXO Alpha system – a choice made via careful, considered research, and analysis of the current market, in conjunction with the companies’ own need for an exceptional-quality sound system. To power the system, Revolver wanted to be sure they would find a solution suitable for their requirements and suitable for the system.

The NEXO Alpha is a very clean and very, very loud PA, showing up any inaccuracy and distortion in the program and shoving it right in your face–impossible to ignore–so only the best amplification would need to be considered for such a high-end system. Revolver went on to test several amplifiers from a variety of manufacturers for the task of powering their newly acquired Alpha system.

Lee Conlon, Director of Revolver Audio, is known for his extremely thorough testing procedures, finding bench tests and extensive listening tests are the only way to be sure that what you're buying is going to do the job. So from here, the arduous task of testing began. Some amps tried and failed, others tried and died, and more than one wholesaler was handed back a blackened, charred lump of metal, Lee's only comment; "they're just not up to scratch".

If you were one of the lucky ones to make it through the “barbeque test”, then it was time for the subjective listening tests. The amps were run up on the Alpha rig so that they could be evaluated in their 'real world' working conditions. Lee was very impressed with the Camco Vortex 6, at the time stating, "It has the best HF of anything on the market". Going on to say, "The V6 has an exceptionally transparent high-frequency clarity and is without doubt a clear winner." The decision was made to go with Camco and was one the company did not go on to regret.

Enter 2004 and Camco have recently released the Tecton series of amplifiers, the little brother to the Vortex. Both Vortex and Tecton are built along the same guidelines of huge power output, lightweight and 'HiFi' sound quality, with the main difference being that the Tecton is optimised for four ohm loads (Vortex is optimised for two), in addition, the Tecton does away with the remote monitoring facility.

Revolver Audio's dynamic Manager Keith Clarkson recently shifted their inventory of Showcraft amplifiers into hire installations and needed something to replace them with; Camco Tecton 38.4 was the logical choice. "The Vortex's have been a bullet proof amplifier and we love the sound", says Keith. "I've sold a lot of Vortex and Tecton amps into installs and we haven't had a single problem”. Clarkson added, “We know they're a great amp, it was a pretty easy choice for us to make. Our main Nexo Concert System is now powered throughout with Camco, so both FOH and Monitors sound fantastic."

Once again Revolver Audio believes they have made the right choice in Camco, and with such rigorous testing procedures in place, it is difficult to argue against them. Keith Clarkson has many great things to say about Camco, and the Tecton series of amplifiers, including its ease of use, stating that “Tecton is easy to use; all the switching is right there, clip, amp gain and HPF”. Adding, “Using some of the Tecton’s competitors is like buying a car without air-conditioning, but the Tecton has got the lot!”

And Keith’s final words: “Nothing beats the sonic quality of Camco, we did all the tests and Camco consistently came out on top, we're really impressed with the Tecton, it’s the right amp for us."

Take a look at Camco’s Tecton range of amplifiers for yourself. There is more information about Camco on the GT web site here.

Revolver Audio's Keith Clarkson with over 73,000 watts at his finger tips!
Revolver Audio’s Keith Clarkson with over 73,000 watts at his finger tips!

The Nexo Alpha Family

The Nexo Alpha Family
Camco Tecton 32.4
Camco Tecton 32.4

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