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Ticket Number 64, Your Chicken Schnitzel is Ready

OK, OK, we’re certain installation contractors will find many more uses for this great product than merely dishing out pub-grub to the hungry locals on a Friday night - we just couldn’t resist a stab at humour. The new RCF EL 2126 boasts a host of excellent features, such as; a compact, multi-CD player, PA mixer, amplifier and zoned 100 volt distributed, along with phone on-hold capabilities. This unit is designed to take the stress (and time) out of your budget installations.

The EL 2126 Amplified tuner-CD player from RCF does everything
The EL 2126 Amplified tuner-CD player from RCF does everything

The RCF EL 2126 represents an integrated solution for a vast range of applications from simple PA systems for restaurants, boutiques and supermarkets, to complete sound systems for offices, hotels, large department stores and factories.

Integrated solution might be a jargon word that has lost meaning with overuse, but what better way to describe a way to save lots of space, installation time and provide a package that any bar person or telephone answerer can use, without requiring a degree in the roadie arts.

On first glance, the unit incorporates a PA amplifier with four constant voltage outputs for direct supply to four speaker lines, microphone inputs for connecting announcement consoles, and a digital FM tuner with selection storage.

The six-stacker multiple-CD player, with track/CD programming is a bonus, along with a special input with independent volume control for connection to a supplementary sound source. A master volume control and tone controls on all the inputs make it possible to adapt sound diffusion to your specific needs.

All four microphone/line level inputs have switchable phantom power and a phone on hold for the CD output through a variable level control is a handy feature. An extra input compatible to most telephone paging systems will prioritize over the background music.

Where the maximum power that can be delivered by the single units is not sufficient for driving all the speakers in the system, a line level output connection makes it possible to supplement with additional power amplifiers. Max power at 4 ohms is 120 watts and four zones of 100/70-volt line can be switched from the front panel.

The judgment from the commercial installers who have used the RCF EL 2126 is that it’s a great integrated… let’s say, very handy, cost-effective and European-branded product package. Moreover, it’s price makes all other ‘cheapies’ look expensive.

Feature List of the RCF EL 2126

  • Multiple Compact Disc Player with 6-CD Auto-Changer
  • FM Digital Tuner with selection storage
  • Multifunction LCD backlit display
  • 4 UNIVERSAL XLR Inputs with Level controls and Phantom 21V option switch
  • Line-Level input with Voice Activated overall precedence for Priority paging
  • Aux Input on RCA-Stereo socket in addition to the built-in CD-Tuner Input
  • Voice Activated Priority (VOX) for the first 2 Universal Inputs over the other Inputs
  • REC/LINE out on RCA-Stereo connector
  • Master Volume control with LED meter
  • Treble and Bass controls on both Amplifier Output and 2 Universal Inputs
  • Built-in Chime generator with remote activation through contact closure
  • Built-in Siren generator (2 tones available) with remote activation by contact closure
  • Constant Voltage 70V/100V Output with selection for 4 Speaker Lines
  • 4/8/16 Ohm Speaker Output
  • Convection cooling for long term safe operation
  • AC115/230VAC and 24VDC Power Supply
  • 19” Rack mount 3U

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