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The Sound Company Bring Lonnie’s to Life

Essential Information:

The Venue: Lonnie’s Niteclub (formerly The Launceston Hotel)
Primary Use for Venue: Dance Club
Venue Capacity: 700 (front and main rooms combined)
Venue and Building Owner: Michael Condon
Club Manager - David Harrison

Installation Company: The Sound Company Pty Ltd, Tasmania
Install Supervisor: Jamie Howell

Launceston has a long history of nightclub start-ups with a fair number of success stories. So when Jamie Howell at The Sound Company was given the go-ahead to do the installation for Lonnie’s Niteclub he saw it as an opportunity to do something great.

Nightclub owner Michael Condon and Club Manager David Harrison had extensively researched the market in both Sydney and Melbourne before planning for the club and they had strict requirements for the sound system; it had to be the best sound system in Tasmania, the sound had to be concentrated on the dance floor areas in both rooms, and the front room needed to have a simple mode selector and volume control. Jamie’s first and last thoughts were for Nexo.

Why Nexo? Well, as Jamie says “We chose Nexo primarily for the following reasons; it’s the only product with the high-quality sound that everybody loves, low distortion at high SPLs, transparent and clear sound with tight and punchy impacting bass. Nexo has an impressive heritage and is specified on the majority of National and International riders. Lonnie’s wanted the best sound system in Tasmania, we provided it for them”.

Here’s what went in:

Lonnie’s Niteclub Front Room
200 Capacity - Bar and Cocktail Bar
Sound System Includes:
4 Nexo PS8 speakers
2 Nexo LS400 subs
1 Nexo PS8 td controller

Lonnie’s Niteclub Main Room
500 Capacity - Bar, Stage, Mezzanine Area.
Sound System Includes:
4 Nexo PS15 speakers
4 Nexo PS15 bass extenders
1 Nexo PS15 td controller
3 Sub low units
4 Camco Tecton 38.4 amplifiers

Control for Both Rooms
1 Soundweb Lite 3088II
1 Drawmer SP2120 Speaker Protector
1 Allen & Heath Xone62 Mixer
2 CDJ1000 Scratch CD Players
1 Nitelife System
1 Remote 4 Position Mode Selector and Volume Control

The system was commissioned, tested and tuned using Smart software and within hours, fantastic results were achieved.

A Soundweb Lite was used to control both room sound systems. Front Room is used until the Main Room is opened up later on in the night. So it was important to have controls in the front area.
Position 1 - both rooms independent
Position 2 - main room DJ booth to front room only
Position 3 - main room DJ booth to both rooms
Position 4 - Emergency Evac mic to both rooms

In the main room, four Pairs of PS15 and PS15 Bass Extenders were flown in the 4 corners of the main dance floor. These were angled down and fired across the dance floor to reduce side wall reflections and concentrate mid-hi content on the dance floor. PS15 bass extenders where flown above each PS15. This increased the bass impact of the system and tied together the flown sound and the 3 sub-low units installed below the stage.

In the end the install has proven to be a huge success for The Sound Company and Lonnie’s Niteclub. The Nexo system was extremely well received, with management impressed with the final product’s sound and ease of use, fitting the bill on all of specified requirements. And with a successful club launch in the bag and patrons extremely happy with the club, the standard has been raised on nightclub installs in Tasmania, with thanks to The Sound Company and Nexo.

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Lonnie's Niteclub
Lonnie's Niteclub
Lonnie's Niteclub

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