The concept of this unique speaker has been derived from the touring industry; combining the vast experience of RCF into a compact and high powered cabinet.

The vocals are natural, the sound is clear at longer distances and the SPL power remains stable at very high levels.

The RCF Precision transducers inside the D LINE series represent the ultimate in performance, the highest power handling and the most advanced technology ever seen in a speaker of this size. The high powered woofer delivers extremely accurate and punchy bass while the custom made compression driver offers transparent midrange and extreme fidelity.

RCF's acclaimed Class-D power amplifier technology operates with high efficiency whilst being extremely lightweight. D LINE amplifiers deliver ultra fast attack, realistic transient response and impressive audio performance across any type of source material.

The integrated DSP manages crossover, equalisation, soft limiter, compressor and dynamic bass boost further maximising the versatility of the D LINE.

D LINE cabinets are moulded from a special polypropylene composite material designed to dampen vibrations even at maximum volume settings and provide reliability and strength for intensive use on the road.

RCF HD 10-A Active Two-Way Monitor

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RCF HD 12-A Active Two-Way Monitor

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RCF HD 32-A Active Two-Way Monitor

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RCF HDL 10-A Active Line Array Module

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RCF HDL 18-AS Active Flyable High Power Subwoofer

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RCF HDL 20-A Active Line Array Module

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