While curved vertical arrays are the most advanced loudspeaker systems available, most vertical array systems create side lobes which cause excessive on-stage low frequency levels. Unfortunately, this LF energy can’t be equalized out of the lead singer’s microphone, unless that singer and mic are stationary. To solve this problem, NEXO’s powerful CD12 and CD18 employ an innovative method to control long wavelength, LF acoustic energy.

Nexo GEO CD Sub-bass Series Accessories

Accessories for Nexo GEO CD Sub-bass Series products. More

Nexo GEO CD12 Hyper-cardioid Sub-bass

Until now, directional control of very low frequencies could only be accomplished with enormous waveguides or multi-enclosure arrays. More

Nexo GEO CD18 Directional Sub-bass

NEXO R&D has used the advanced DSP power of the digital NX242 TDcontroller to develop an extremely compact and highly efficient method for controlling... More

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