The NEXO Universal Amp Rack feeds 12 STM modules in any combination in groups of 3. Comprising NXAMP4x4 amplifiers, 2 digital input patches (DMU), 2 digital output patches (DPU) and an EtherSound or DanteTM network card, the NUAR forms a compact, powerful and scalable amplification solution for STM systems of any size.

Nexo Digital Meter Unit

Nexo Digital Meter Unit is an intelligent input patch panel offering digital communication with NEXO NXAMPs. More

Nexo Digital Patch Unit

Nexo Digital Patch Unit is an intelligent output patch panel offering digital communication with Nexo NXAMPs. More

Nexo NXAMP4X4 Powered TDController

NXAMP 4X4 is an ultra-flexible, true four-channel digital processing and amplification system delivering an integrated solution for any NEXO speaker c... More

Nexo NXES104 EtherSound Network Card

Nexo NXES104 EtherSound TM Network Card extracts 4 audio streams (24 bits / 48 KHz) among the 2 x 64 channels of a ES100 EthersoundTM stream. More

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